Raw Material

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Raw material

Bottles and containers made of PET.

PET bottle weighs one-seventh the weight of a glass bottle of the same size, is unbreakable and can also be recycled and processed several times.
We get our raw materials from across the country in addition to Asuncion and surroundings, from more distant cities such as Coronel Oviedo, Encarnación and Ciudad del Este.
PET (Polyethylenterephthalate) is a form of thermoplastic resin, light and resistant, transparent polyester.
Thanks to its high mechanical and chemical resistance, excellent performance as an insulating of gas and odor and low weight, is now the preferred packaging material for beverage manufacturers worldwide .
It is used for the manufacture of containers of soft drinks, juices, water, oils, foodstuffs, household cleaners, and other products.
PET, besides being a recyclable material is extremely light and thus contributes to decrease the weight of the packages, while reducing the emission of pollutants and fuel utilization during transport. From an energy standpoint, recycled PET uses just 30% of the energy needed to manufacture containers, compared to those made from virgin resin.
Contributes to reducing the volume of waste that is brought to landfills, promoting increased service life of the same and reducing transportation costs. It helps significantly to improve the process of decomposition of organic matter in landfills because the waterproof plastic baits decomposing material, interfering with the flow of gases and liquids.