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The Company

It is dedicated to the complete recycling of various types of plastics, such as PET, polypropylene and polythene. Waste originating Post-industrial and post-consumer. Provided by collectors throughout the country, thus generating employment and income for thousands of families.


CORESA Recycler Company SA started its activities in 2002 with the main aim of contributing to the revaluation of industrial and domestic waste PET (Polyethylenterephthalate) achieving the reuse of plastics materials.
Activities geared towards achieving this goal include the collection, classification, milled, washing and drying of plastic materials, obtaining the product called PET flakes, name that is marketed. Through various industrial processes, raw materials are obtained with quality and traceabilityto be used in other industries.


The company is located in the city of Villa Elisa, Paraguay, in a total area of 23,000 m2. It has an approved plant environmental control, adapted to the current rules and contributing to environmental sustainability.
The plant location is strategic, for easy access to recyclers. It is located near the main access roads to the capital and shipping ports for export.
Branches and Suppliers.
Currently CORESA SA is headquartered in the city of Villa Elisa (10 km from Asunción) and has branches in the city of Concepcion and Ciudad del Este. From these 3 offices attention is given to our network of approximately 4,000 suppliers.


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